How it works

The Dishmonger app helps you focus on what matters the most in the kitchen:
cooking healthy meals.

Download app

Dishmonger app will be available soon on App Store & Google Play

Add ingredients

Tell Dishmonger what you have in your fridge & cupboard to get recipe ideas

Follow recipes

Dishmonger will show you healthy recipes based on what you have in the kitchen.

Plan ahead

Manage your shopping list so you can cover a variety of healthy meals

A suite of kitchen features like a set of good knives

Dishmonger mission is to help you buy, cook and eat healthy food using ingredients grown or made as nature intended. Cooking is at the core of this goal, as you can have full control on the ingredients you put in your dish. All features are here to assist you on a tasteful experience.

Ingredients database

We're constantly updating the grocery list as variety is key for nutritious meals 

Package barcode scanner

In order to have full control over ingredients, the content of products you buy is key. We'll be adding a feature to make food information easier to comprehend.

Smart recipes cookbook

We are carefully selecting the recipes from sources that care about both nutrition and sustainability.

Time is food

Time management is important in the kitchen, while fast cooking doesn't always mean healthy eating. Dishmonger will always have features that helps you save time so you can spend it on what matter the most to you.

App screenshot

Here's a glimpse of what you'll find in the app once you decide to give it a go

Register interest to join our beta waiting list

We're launching Dishmonger in beta version, so if you are interested to upgrade your cooking and be one of the first users that tries the app, send us your details below and we'll send an invitation by email.